WE Are In Long Term Recovery

Nothing About Us, Without Us

For Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, “Nothing About Us Without Us” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. We don’t rely on our own lived experience when advocating for others- we talk to them, and help them build their own voices to add to ours. We provide the skills for communities and individuals in recovery to build connections, lift up resources, and impact positive change.


Through private donations, foundation contributions and grants, we are dedicated to strengthening communities by promoting quality addiction prevention, treatment and recovery practices, and by supporting public policy that not only reduces the stigma associated with addiction, but also supports the development and implementation of a strong prevention, treatment and recovery services system.
We have an active Board of Directors representing the business, criminal justice, education, prevention, treatment, and recovery communities. 
Our diverse staff of people in long-term recovery work hard to create and sustain communities that support recovery.

We Are Here To…

Provide Education & Training

GCSA Provides and disseminates education and training relevant to the addiction recovery field, and acting as a clearinghouse of information on substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery-oriented systems of care

Influence Public Policy

GCSA works to influence public policy to improve the availability and effectiveness of prevention, treatment and recovery support services


Provide Advocacy

GCSA provides advocacy that mobilizes and organizes Georgia’s recovery communities to promoting the benefits of recovery and eliminating discrimination against people seeking and in long-term recovery.

Living Our Recovery Out Loud

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the impact of recovery in Georgia’s communities through education, advocacy and training. GCSA was founded in 2001 by a group of caring individuals wanting to create solutions for people with substance use disorders. And we continue that task today by lifting up the voices of people in recovery so that we help to reduce the stigma which often keeps people from getting the help they need. 
To date, we have trained over 450 people in long-term recovery through our Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist (CARES) training academy. You will find information about how to become, and stay, a CARES here. Our trained peers form the cornerstone of all of our work.
GCSA is a founding member of the Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO), which began in 2011, and has been an active force on the local, state and national levels, helping communities understand the value of peer-run, community-based services and supports. In 2017 we were one of eight jurisdictions in the country awarded a SAMHSA “Building Communities of Recovery” (BCOR) grant. Through this program we will use funding to enhance our recovery community development work- led by the peer recovery voice!
Explore this site, learn about our exciting and innovative projects, including “NE Georgia CARES for Community Connections”, a partnership with local community partners to provide support to people in emergency rooms who experience overdose and other substance use problems. Stay informed at the happenings at the national and state legislatures and learn how to show up for recovery and let your voice be heard at our annual “Addiction Recovery Awareness Day” at the Georgia State Capitol. Your involvement makes our advocacy voice strong!
We know and believe in the power of the voices of lived recovery experience, we live our recovery out loud and we hope that as you learn more, you join us in becoming part of the solution!