Addiction Recovery Awareness Day

Tuesday January 28, 2020
The Georgia Freight Depot
65 Martin L. King Jr. Drive
Atlanta, GA 30303


Each year, at the opening of Georgia’s legislative session, the recovery community joins together at the state capitol to speak to our legislators with our individual voices to share our message that Addiction is a preventable, treatable chronic health condition from which people do recover!

Over 25 million Americans, including thousands of Georgians, are in long-term recovery. We are spreading hope because RECOVERY IS REAL!

ARAD 2019 Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors who made this event possible!

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The Georgia Collaborative ASO
Hope House Augusta
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Mary Hall Freedom House
Medical Association of Georgia
Navigate Recovery Gwinnett
New Focus Addiction & Behavioral Health
Opioid Treatment Providers of Georgia
WellCare of Georgia
Anchor Hospitals
Gerogia Mental Health Consumer Network
The National Incarceration Association, Inc.
Recovery Community Foundation of Forsyth
Twin Lakes Recovery 
**Sponsorships are now available for the 2020 Addiction Recovery Awareness Day at the Georgia State Capitol on January 28, 2020.

We in recovery have been part of the problem. We have both accepted and perpetuated the stigma that kept us from getting help and that has killed millions of addiction disease victims. By hiding our recovery, we have sustained the most harmful myth about addiction disease: that it is hopeless. And without the examples of recovering people, it’s easy for the public to continue thinking that victims of addiction disease are moral degenerates–and that those who recover are the morally enlightened exceptions. We are the lucky ones–the ones who got well. And it is our responsibility to change the terms of the debate, for the sake of those who still suffer.”


Senator Harold Hughes (1994-1995) “Coming out of the Closet to Fight Abuse.” SOAR USA Bulletin Fall/Winter.

Recovery In Georgia: 

Addiction Recovery Awareness Day