We educate, advocate and create a safe and empowering environment that supports the dignity and value of what’s right and what’s working with individuals, communities and systems! We are guided by the belief, value and principle that through many pathways of self-directed care, recovery is possible for everyone. We nurture hope by supporting others with empathy, compassion and integrity!

As a result, we facilitate connections and conversations among people combating the discrimination faced by people & families confronted with substance use challenges and disorders. We do this to save lives and bring hope, joy and happiness and to create a world where recovery is promoted, valued and sustained!

Your support helps us:

  • Promote the message that recovery from substance use disorder is not only possible, it should be the expectation!
  • Create and maintain strategic partnerships to fight discrimination at the local, state and national levels
  • Speak out at schools, churches, and civic groups about the reality of recovery and carry a message of hope
  • Advocate for resources and a voice at the Georgia General Assembly and the U.S. Congress
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