Cultural Competency

“Alliance”, “connection”, “bond” – these are all words people use to describe those crucial relationships that helped them to move into early recovery and to sustain their recovery. Being on a road to building on our existing strengths in cultural competence can help us to be present to more and more people in ways that can support their recovery.

Unfortunately, the steps for achieving and sustaining continued movement toward cultural competence as individuals and as organizations elude many of us. We offer one or two day workshops designed to increase participants’ awareness of resources available to enhance their own cultural competence, assess areas of strength, and discover opportunities within their own organizations to build culturally competent recovery services.

Participants will be invited to explore what helps, what heals and how they can make a difference – as individuals and within their organizations. Through dialogues, courageous conversations and exposure to video and print media, participants will discover the strengths within themselves and their organizations and explore the ways they can enhance and build upon those strengths for services that are recovery oriented, inviting and supportive.

Objectives of these workshops include:

  • Participants will engage in and practice key skills for courageous conversations.
  • Participants will learn about key terms and concepts.
  • Participants will learn about the role of culture within a recovery orientation.
  • Participants will leave with ideas for using their own awareness, communication skills, and personal strengths to enhance their recovery oriented and culturally competent practices.

Trained facilitators on our staff include:

  • Karen Daniel
  • Owen Dougherty
  • Tony Sanchez
  • Sissy Weldon

There are also multiple CARES (Certified Addiction and Recovery Empowerment Specialist) across the state of Georgia that are trained facilitators as well.

Please contact us for availability to facilitate these workshops in your organization or for workshops or to let us know you are interested in open offerings of these workshops.

Curriculum Developed by Dr. Dietra Hawkins, Lead Consultant of Both And Partners, Inc.

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Dietra D. Hawkins, Psy.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who works nationally and internationally with state and local government organizations, public and private K-12 schools and behavioral health agencies as the owner and lead consultant with Both And Partners, Inc. She is a published author and frequent speaker for workshops addressing Appreciative approaches toward system change; Recovery Oriented Systems of Care, Asset Based Community Development and Inclusion, and the Healing of Racism.

Dr. Hawkins holds a faculty appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University, Program for Recovery and Community Health, School of Medicine. Prior to her consultation practice, she served as the Director of Consultation and Training at the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH). Dr. Hawkins has extensive experience with family, child, adult and community behavioral health, and has worked closely with Parent and Consumer Advocacy organizations.

Her primary research interests address racial and ethnic health care disparities; organizational systems change and transformation; HIV prevention/interventions; qualitative and community based participatory research, and the critical dimensions of cultural competency, recovery and community engagement.

She is highly regarded for her positive energy and personable approach toward difficult conversations.