CARES Reactivation

While we realize that each CARES does the best that he/she can to keep her/his CARES certification active, there are times when life circumstances prevent this from happening. The CARES faculty, administration and all CARES want to provide support and assistance in assisting all CARES to stay connected or re-connect.

When a CARES does not earn the number of CEUs required keep their CARES certification active, her/his certification goes into an “inactive” status for a period of up to two years.  During the two year period, the CARES may apply for and attain re-activation through the process described below. After two years in the inactive status, CARES may re-apply for the CARES Academy to regain CARES certification.

During the two year inactive status period, a CARES may apply to re-activate their certification through the following process.

  • Write a letter explaining why the certification went into the inactive state and why the CARES wishes to reactivate the certification.
  • Complete a “Reactivation Application”.
  • Pay a $50.00 Reactivation Application Fee and the time of application and another $50.00 Reactivation Fee at the time of Reactivation.
  • This fee may be waived by the Review Committee based on unemployment, medical expenses and/or other financial hardships. These hardships should be described in writing to Georgia Council on Substance Abuse Executive Director or the CARES Coordinator.
  • Complete 20 hours of CEUs within one year of the Reapplication process initiation, which must include eight hours attending a CARES Connect.

N.B. Reactivation will be overseen by a “Reactivation Review Committee”. The Review Committee can arrange for Mentoring for the reactivating CARES. Up to four hours of Mentoring may be considered as part of the 20 CEUs required for reactivation. Each Reactivation will be approved by the Review Committee and endorsed by the CARES HUB.