CARES Pre-Academy Assignments

The materials presented below are to be completed before you attend the CARES Academy.  Because time is of the essence, it will be beneficial for you to review the material and bring the assignments with you.  This will cut down on the homework assignments throughout the week.  You will receive in the mail a copy of Dr. Duncan’s What’s Right with You; please read prior to attending. All other pre-training materials are available online – just click the following  bold links to download the documents:

1. ” What’s Right with you?”.     (Duncan). Will review on the first day (Monday).

2.  Understanding_Alcoholism_Scale.      (Miller & Moyers).   Turn in on the first day (Monday) of the CARES Academy – it will be returned  to you Tuesday. Approximately 20 minutes.

3.  Relapse_is_NOT_Part_of_Recovery.   (White)

4.  CARES Core Competencies Self-Assessment & Development Plan 140401.     (Braucht).     Approximately 25 minutes.

5.  Recovery_Capital_Scale&Plan.    (Braucht & White).   Approximately 20 minutes.

6.  Talking About Recovery      (FAVOR). 

7.  Advocacy with anonymity    (FAVOR).

8. Implicit  Association Test   (Harvard University). Before the 3rd day (Wednesday) of the CARES Academy, complete at least two tests –        click on “Demonstration” at Approximately 10 minutes per test

9.  Hidden_Treasures   (ABCD Institute). Before the 4th day (Thursday) of the CARES Academy, scan this document.