Recovery from Substance Use Disorders and Risky Use: Everyone Has the Right to Get Well

Neil-Campbell-bI was sitting around a table with eight other people in recovery, talking about what helped us early in the process. One person said, “I did it for my kids. I spent many nights high as a kite in church, and one day I was sitting on the back steps and you know I told God that he’s got this. I wanted to raise my kids the right way and stopped using soon after that.”

“It was my third time in treatment when I finally got it,” said another. “And what made the difference that time is that during intake someone who was volunteering at that program showed me kindness. I weighed 90 pounds at the time, was dying, and everyone was trying to get me to eat. This nice person approached me and asked me what I was hungry for and I offhandedly said, ‘Greek yogurt.’ A little while later he came back with five flavors of yogurt. That was over four years ago, and we are still friends. I didn’t even really like yogurt that much.” READ MORE »